About us

Founded in 2007, PaxVax is a fully integrated specialty vaccine company with a mission to protect people from infectious diseases. It is our mission is to develop and commercialise innovative vaccines against infectious diseases in a socially responsible manner.

How it all began

The 2005 H5N1 influenza pandemic scare put in harsh focus the lack of an ideal vaccine for pandemic preparedness.

In May of 2005, the future founders of PaxVax discussed practical approaches to address this glaring gap in global immunisation readiness by brainstorming ways to develop scalable, affordable, oral vaccines that could be made available to people worldwide.

There is a great, unmet need for vaccines that help protect against endemic diseases in both developed and developing countries. Additionally, there is an opportunity to focus on vaccines that protect against diseases in categories such as travel and biodefence. Addressing these needs was the inspiration for the creation of PaxVax.

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PaxVax UK.

PaxVax UK was launched 2015.